Staying on Track Over the Holidays!

Yes!!! It is that time of year my friends! The Holiday Season!!

Family visits, fun in the snow, cheer in the air, gatherings and presents and so much to be thankful for!!!

It may seem as though the entire month of December is a write off and that it is impossible to stick to any schedule…but here are a few tips on how to stick to your healthy lifestyle AND enjoy the holiday season and all the great times it has to offer!!

  • Cook ahead and cook extra – Prepare your meals in advance.  Cook extra and keep portions that are easy to grab in the freezer or in the fridge.
  • Pack a snack – When you are heading to an event, social gathering or family get together, pack a healthy snack.  Even if you are going out for a festive dinner or lunch, if time runs longer than planned, instead of getting hungry and eating the snacks that are out or dainties that are displayed, you will have a healthy snack to eat and will be able to enjoy your company!

Great purse snacks – veggies, hard boiled eggs, protein powder, rice cakes, a piece of fruit, nuts.

  • Adjust meal timing – If you are heading home for the holidays, staying at relatives, traveling….any situation that may throw off your normal schedule and put you at mercy of others; instead of anti-socializing to avoid falling off of your healthy lifestyle, adjust your meal timings to align with meal times of the family meals.  Even if you pack your own meals or prepare your own special plate, adjusting your timing to be involved in the celebration and sit down event with the entire family.
  • Stay active – make activity a part of your day.  There is no rule that we must sit to socialize.  Get outside  – Organize a family adventure – a physical game, a sleigh ride, skiing, tobogganing…Ask your relatives to go for a walk, take the kids to the park to play, start a game of football outside or enjoy a workout with a family member!
  • Wake up early – Wake up early and enjoy the calm before the day gets going and possibly running away from you.  If there are certain things you must do during the day, get them done early.  Do not leave them to the middle or end of the day.  When you place them as a non priority, the fun activities of the celebrations, shopping, get togethers will take over, your priorities will shift.  Waking up early will help you stay on track and helps you stick to your regular schedule.
  • Cook with your family – The kitchen is usually where the action is.  You can sit and eat and talk and drink until supper is served…..OR you can Volunteer to cook a plate and create your own healthy contribution to the family meal.  This allows you to be included and contribute a healthy dish you will enjoy!
  • Eat Breakfast – Do not go hungry!! Stick to your daily diet as usual, with the exception of the meal you will be eating with family, friends, coworkers etc.  You do not want to set yourself up to overindulge or to find yourself picking at all the goodies on display.  Eat a healthy and balanced breakfast.
  • Enjoy a treat – No one said being healthy meant never eating dessert or enjoying a treat! It’s all about moderation and complimenting your lifestyle.  With portion control, enjoy and ALLOW yourself a treat!
  • Don’t drink heavy drinks, eat a heavy meal and finish with a heavy dessert – try your best to indulgein one area.  Skip the drinks and enjoy an off meal or eat a healthy meal and enjoy a treat for dessert.  Cheers with a glass of champagne or pair your dinner with a nice glass of wine.  Indulge where you want to most, but leave the excess consumption out.

Things to AVOID this holiday season

The snack table

The bowl of nuts

The office snacks

Sleeping in and staying up late

Forgetting to drink water

Replacing your water with alcohol, coffee with creamer, eggnog, fancy punch

Forgetting your routine


Things to ENJOY this holiday season

  • Time with friends and family
  • Great food
  • The outdoors

Remember what matters the most and be grateful of the blessings that this year has brought.  Be proud of all of your hard work and be so excited of the new adventure that comes with the new year!!!

Happy Holidays ALL!!! I look forward to a healthy and happy 2017 with you!!!

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