Practice Gratitude, Not Guilt

Gratitude, the power of positivity, the secret….you can choose to embrace it and make a change, or you can choose to fight it.  The message is, it’s you who chooses the actions that result in your lifestyle.

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Before there are any workouts designed or meals prepped, there is something much more important we should focus our efforts on that will help us succeed in not only living our healthiest lifestyle, but our best and most successful life ever!

The practice of gratitude.

It’s easy to lead a life of guilt without realizing it.  We are somehow conditioned to believe guilt as a normal practice and we easily push ourselves back into the shadows rather than leading in the light.  When we release guilt from running our lives and practice gratitude, we are able to flourish and lead in the life that we wish and the health, happiness, opportunities and success that follow.  Placing emphasis on the actions, places, people and things that bring you happiness allows you to create a positive effect rather than constantly subconsciously telling yourself you are not worthy.

Let’s put a bit more emphasis on the abilities we are offered, rather than the elements out of our control that may be causing this guilty feeling.

Follow my tips on methods towards a gratitude shift.

Document it.

Enjoy as your life takes a turn.

Every action and reaction, we are lead by habitual behaviour.  We do the things we do because we have told ourselves that this is the proper way to take action or to react to the happenings that add up to the life we live.  So even if we know something we consume, whether it be a behaviour, relationship, food, substance, work load, sleep pattern, does not serve us back positively or add to our life value, habits take the lead and tell us that it’s simply what we do or who we are… To create a life of gratitude, we must create new habits and consciously take action towards a movement that serves us forward.

With any habit, change is hard, change is scary, but our behaviours are all a result of habit.  We create them, we have the power to recreate and change them.  Start with little steps and suddenly, the path ahead is more clear.

Associating yourself with non worthiness discounts yourself and results in everything that surrounds you and the energies you attract.

Ways to practice gratitude to change your habits of guilt:

Wake up and ask yourself, “what do I get to do today?”

Setting the mindset that your day is what you choose right off the bat sets you up for success.  If each day, your get to’s are hidden with have to’s you associate with negative chores, you can then diagnose the areas you have the power to change.  Find ways to change those ‘Have to’s’ into ‘Get to’s’.

Ask for accountability, not answers

Create a network, find a partner or group that can help you succeed and keep you accountable.  Not a ‘yes’ person who follows and agrees with all that you do, but someone that inspires you and will tell you to scrap something if it does not serve you.

Friend Up

Surround yourself with influencers who are doing the things you thought impossible and learn from them.  You are possible.

Look Up

Walk with your head up. Look at the landscape, meet the passers’ by with a smile and hi.

Self Talk

Yes you can.  That’s all you need to say. Look at yourself in a mirror, ANY mirror and tell yourself that what you are dreaming is possible, the challenge you are facing is possible, the life you dream is possible, the day you face is possible, the workout you do is possible. Your thoughts become your actions and everything is possible if you believe in you.

Like AND Comment

Do not hide behind the scroll.  Make this promise to yourself – I will like and comment on everything I scroll through.  Allow yourself social media time, but if what you are scrolling through is not likeable or interactive, how does this serve you?  Do you follow something that brings out negative feelings, guilty behaviour or thoughts of lesser than? Unless this pushes you to go out and be great, unfollow.  Social media is a beautiful place to interact, to share, but if it is becoming a place that is creating an anxious behaviour of FOMO (fear of missing out) or thoughts of wishing for things out of your control, it’s time to turnover your friends list and follows.

Talk to your food and create a love affair

If you’ve been following our monthly column, you know I am first and foremost an advocate of food as fuel.  To live your best life, if starts with how you fuel yourself, but creating a positive relationship with your food and how you want it to fuel you is most important. Don’t fight the fact that health is nutrition.  Love all of the colors and all of the fuels we are blessed to have.  Do not fuel yourself with chemicals.  Do not tell yourself that chemicals are the fuels you truly want and are depriving yourself of….ex: I’m dieting so I can’t have cupcakes.  This simple sentence is telling yourself that you are restricting yourself (negative behavior) in the name of die (negative association to health) and truly wishing for sugar….This is such a hurtful way of thinking and sets yourself up for a binge reaction in the future.

Try to find a way to fuel yourself that enables you to perform and feel amazing, to be productive and happy and constantly assure yourself that you are fuelling yourself with the best fuel, to be your best.  This is not restriction; this is a constant awareness of rewarding yourself with things that will pay you back positively.

Plug the meter or pay for the next coffee in line

Simple ways of paying it forward without intention of receiving.  This creates positive impact and you never know how this impact with shine through those you reach.

Go to sleep with thanks, not things to do:

Rather than creating the list of things to do tomorrow as your last conscious thought for the day, leave yourself with thoughts of gratitude.  List 3 things that you are grateful for as you are in your life right now.

I am grateful for my family

I am grateful for my health

I am grateful for my smile

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From a former none believer shifted to a dream chaser and world changer I encourage you to ask yourself this question:

What in my life is great right now? What do I have the power to change today? Do my actions today, add to the value I am trying to create?

When you start with 1, you will never stay in a positive state if you continually add a negative.

Be so in love with your life, that your first reaction to others successes and adventures is genuine happiness.  You will find your wishes disappear and your dreams come true.

Capture moments and memories and believe in the greatness you set out to achieve.

When you mindfully and consciously do your best, and believe you are possible, there are no limits to the impact you create.


Holly Barker TheFitnessPreneur


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