5 Foods You Should Avoid At All Cost.

When thinking about your fitness one of the most common questions we ask are what foods should we avoid. Rather then overwhelming you the follow is a list of the top 5 food to avoid at all cost when starting your new journey as a FitnessPrenuer. {smiles}
(1) Concentrated Juice – minus the fiber and left with sugar water – blood sugar and insulin, produce fat and store it

Excess sugar – soda, concentrated juice, processed foods

(2) Margarine – trans fats, hydrogen added to make it solid, increase cardiovascular disease and weight gain – increase ldl and reduce hdl (increase bad and decrease good)
Butter is saturated fat and is better for you

(3) Whole wheat bread – other and all breads, pastries, pastas, pizza – sugar/processed

You cannot out train a bad diet

Carb cravings – pairing with proteins to avoid the insulin spike – proper carbs to protein ratio

Restrictive diets – blood sugars drop and set into starvation mode – when you eat, you store food as fat to prepare for starvation survival

(4) Soy products – tofu, protein, soy – high processing – strips out important phytonutrients and minerals – empty nutrients produce grellen – the hormone that says you are hungry

(5) Corn – gm corn – genetically modified – banned in certain countries – produced to fatten livestock – sweetener (breads and cereals, yogurt and cottage cheese, dairy, salad dressings)

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